Unlimited Text Message SIM Only

Introducing Unlimited Text Message SIM-Only

SIM-Only mobile phone contracts have become one of the most popular ways of ensuring that your standard mobile phone, smart phone, or indeed any other mobile device remains connected to your chosen network provider.

The reasons for this widespread rise in popularity are probably not that difficult to understand. As the devices we all use have become more and more sophisticated – and the costs of an ever increasing range of features have also grown – many customers have sought the clear separation between the device itself and the operating chip or SIM that keeps it connected.

The SIM card (or Subscriber Identification Module as it is more strictly termed) gives you access to a whole host of the services available from your network provider. These include normal calls on a voice to voice basis, connections that allow your phone or other mobile device to connect to the internet, and the facility for sending and receiving text messages.

Benefits of SIM-Only with Unlimited SMS

Ever since the introduction of the facility for sending short messages by text, this form of communication between mobile phone users has probably overtaken any other form of “talking” to contacts.

Texting can be done without disturbing or unnecessarily intruding into your contact’s space at a busy or inappropriate time, and an SMS is always there to be read once your contact is free to do so. Sending a text message, therefore, has become an easy, unobtrusive and extremely popular way of staying in touch with friends, relations and business contacts.

Indeed, texting has become so popular and widely used that for many users it is difficult to keep track of the number being sent each month or the limits that may be imposed by any particular SIM-Only mobile contract.

If – like many people – therefore, you have come to rely upon the speed, ease of use and convenience of text messages, therefore, you are likely to welcome the ability to send as many as you wish, without limitation and without the hassle of constantly having to buy additional credits to meet your needs.

In view of the widespread use and popularity of text messaging, it is probably not surprising that most network providers promote SIM-Only phone contract on the basis of the number of texts that may be sent each month. For similar reasons, there are a number of SIM card only price plans that incorporate an unlimited allowance of text messages – any at extremely affordable prices.

Network provider O2, for example, offers a SIM-Only mobile phone deal that comes with unlimited texts, 50 minutes of voice calls and 100MB of data usage for just £11 a month on a rolling monthly contract.

A similarly affordable plan, at just £13 a month (on a monthly basis), is from T-Mobile and gives you not only unlimited texts but also a generous 500 minutes of calls and 1GB of data. If this is insufficient for your particular needs, the same network provider offers both unlimited texts and unlimited data usage, together with 2,000 minutes of calls for £23 each month.

At the same price of £23 a month network provider Vodafone will give you unlimited texts, unlimited calls and 1GB of data.