Unlimited Calls SIM Only

Introducing Unlimited Calls SIM-Only

There are unlikely to be many people you know who do not own a mobile phone. The devices probably come in all shapes and sizes, or varying degrees of sophistication and, of course, costing anything from tens to hundreds of pounds.

Whatever the phone, however, every single device will have one vital component in common – the SIM (or Subscriber Identification Module) card or chip, which gives you the unique identity with which your mobile communicates across a chosen network.

In the past, this SIM card is likely to have been provided as part and parcel of a deal you struck when buying the phone itself. Increasingly, however, in the highly competitive world of mobile communications, the markets for phones and SIM cards have become totally differentiated. Whatever your phone or mobile device, there is almost certain to be available a SIM-Only contract deal from one of the network providers – even if your need or demand is to make an unlimited number of voice calls.

Benefits of SIM-Only with Unlimited Minutes

There are a number of benefits to this kind of deal and these may be grouped under two principal headings:

  • The benefits that come from being able to buy a SIM-Only package – and the freedom this gives you to think entirely independently about the particular phone you use and the SIM card inside it
  • The benefits that come with a contract offering you an unlimited number and duration of calls.

It is the latter of course that is most likely to appeal to anyone who relies on their telephone for talking to friends, relations, acquaintances or business contacts.

Unlimited talk time, however, also needs to be considered in terms of whether this is offered in terms of cross network minutes (to subscribers to the same network provider as you) or whether calls to any network are included. The distinction may become more apparent if we look briefly at some of the recommended network providers.

If you want to be free to use your mobile as and when you want, for as long as you want, without the restriction of a limited allowance on the number of minutes you may use each month, there are a number of deals available from the principal network providers:

  • A SIM-Only deal from EE (“Everyday Everything”, the brand representing the combined trading of the T-Mobile and Orange networks), for example, offers free calls anytime for an unlimited duration, an unlimited number of texts and a very generous 3GB of data usage for £33 a month
  • If your data usage is likely to be only slightly more modest, you might prefer a SIM-Only mobile phone deal offered by O2 (in a one-month agreement) that also gives you unlimited call time and texts, together with 1GB of data
  • At the other end of the scale, for just £18 a month, however, you might want to consider another SIM card deal from EE that still gives you unlimited calls and texts, but just 250MB of data usage.

The point is that a number of network providers offer the facility for unlimited calls on a SIM-Only basis, allowing you to make the fullest possible use of your mobile’s capacity for conversations with those you wish to contact