T-Mobile Business SIM Only Deals

Introducing T-Mobile Business SIM Deals

The beauty of a SIM-Only deal, of course, is that you get to keep and continue to use your existing, cherished mobile phone or other device, or have the freedom to choose exactly what mobile equipment you buy, where you buy it from, and at what price.

If you are a sole trader or the buyer for any kind of company, of course, that degree of flexibility and choice may be even more important – which is why all the major mobile network operators in the UK now offer SIM-Only deals specifically marketed towards their business customers. Even greater flexibility is enjoyed, of course, if you can also choose between 30-day rolling contracts and a full 12-month contract – both of which are available through T-Mobile business SIM-Only deals.

Business SIM-Only packages tend to me cheaper than those sold to personal customers simply because the operator knows that there will generally be greater use of their services, possibly by more individuals.

Because of their value to network operators, business customers generally enjoy a faster and more responsive level of customer service when negotiating or amending their package of services.

Benefits of T-Mobile Business SIM Contracts

As a business user, not only are you likely to get cheaper SIM-Only mobile deals and enhanced customer service, but the additional financial benefit of being able to set off your business use of the phone and any other mobile device against tax.

That’s not to say that the price of your package is any the less important and may be one of the reasons you may want to consider one of the many T-Mobile business SIM-Only deals.

Plans for business users start as a remarkably cheap £10.71 a month during the life of a 12-month contract and include 500 minutes of calls and 250 texts. T-Mobile business SIM-Only contracts also include something called Flexible Boosters, at no extra cost. You may choose from a range of separate boosters giving you extra UK calls (to other T-Mobile users or to landlines), international calls, UK texts, or UK data usage.

Flexible Boosters can be used to enhance whatever business package you choose, whether it is a 30-day or annual contract.

For £26.76 a month (during a 12-month contract), for example, you will enjoy 2,000 minutes of calls and 500 texts, and if you opt for the inclusive Internet Booster also get up to 500MB data usage. The same service on a rolling 30-day contract costs £31.11.

T-Mobile started out in the UK as One2One, until the company was bought by the German telecommunications giant Deutsche Telekom in 1999 and became known as T-Mobile with effect from 2002.

The year 2010 saw the merger of T-Mobile with the French-owned operator Orange and a new operator was formed called Everything Everywhere – which is now re-branded as EE.

EE operates the largest mobile network in the UK and is estimated to enjoy 37% of this sector of the industry.

Although the T-Mobile brand continues, its customers are being encouraged to “upgrade” to EE as part of the expansion of the latter’s 4GEE plans. Its 4G network is now available in many British cities and the company is aiming to provide coverage for no less than 98% of the entire population by the end of 2014.

T-Mobile continues to provide the network across which Virgin Mobile operates as a so-called “virtual mobile operator”.