O2 SIM-Only Deals

In a world of fierce competition, the mobile phone market is not far behind any other. When talking about mobile phone SIM market in the United Kingdom, it would be a crime to leave out SIM only, which is currently offering the best deals in the country. There are a variety of offers within SIM only, one of which is O2. O2 SIM only deals are very popular amongst people and they are known for the various benefits they provide.

There are several means of communication but mobile phones have managed to gather the most attention because of their portability and also because the inexpensive deals offered by many SIM contractors in the market. Everyone wants to have the latest mobile handset from the leading brands like Nokia, Samsung, BlackBerry, iPhone and many more. Out of the many mobile phone network providers in the UK, O2 SIM only has managed to capture many hearts.

O2 SIM Only Contracts

There are several deals like contract deals, SIM free deals, SIM only deals, and “pay as you go” deals. All of these deals are extremely beneficial and you can choose any one of them in accordance with your use and preferences. Contract deals, have become quite an acceptable phenomena today. People are gradually getting used to the idea of purchasing a net mobile phone network connection while keeping their existing mobile phone handsets as well as their cell phone numbers. The O2 Simplicity allows customers to choose from a variety of packages, which include pay as you go and bill contracts for as less as 30 days and even for 12 months if you desire. In the pay as you go scheme for O2 SIM only, the user pays for the plan before using it. This allows the customer to use an O2 SIM only deal at a very low price. This deal does not encompass any free minutes, however text messages are free. These O2 SIM deals go up to a higher price which also includes free minutes, up to 500 MB of data allowance, along with unlimited text messages. This O2 SIM only deal is particularly useful for Smartphone users.

Another deal offered by O2 SIM only is a contract that lasts for 30 days. This is a very convenient offer as you do not have to worry about running out of phone credit. Those of you who want a monthly debit facility can utilize this O2 SIM monthly offer. Presently, the monthly plans start off at as low as 10 pounds per month and a maximum of 45 pounds per month. The cheap SIM Only on O2 gives 100 minutes and unlimited text messages, whereas the highest priced plan gives unlimited minutes and unlimited text messages. Moreover, users of O2 SIM only contracts can get as huge as a 1.0 GB data allowance per month at a very affordable price. As is evident, the 12 month O2 SIM contract gives a better deal than any alternative contracts by other mobile phone companies. These plans give the user much more benefit than the value one would expect the cost of these plans to give. The best O2 SIM deals offer 600 minutes, unlimited text messages, and unlimited O2 to O2 calls for as low as 15 pounds!

The O2 Simplicity

O2 Girl SIM Card

O2 SIM cards are offering cheap deals for iPhone, even cheaper than those offered by some of the other mobile networks. O2 simplicity has recently encountered Vodafone’s SIM only plan with one of its own, targeted towards iPhone users. The monthly O2 simplicity for iPhone offers a one year contract at a very low rate as well as shorter and much more economical contracts for existing iPhone users. This means that users of iPhone do not have to give up on the peculiar features of their phone to sign up for O2 SIM contracts. The O2 simplicity tariff encompasses free talk time, unlimited data, text messages to any other network in the UK, as well as Wi-Fi. These options can be taken according to your needs and affordability as they come with various price ranges. For every additional 5 pounds paid, you get an incremental 300 minutes, and there is an O2 simplicity contract that offers unlimited domestic voice calls. The regular rates for subsidised iPhones are much higher and offer only 100 minutes of talk time per month.

However, the O2 simplicity SIM plan does not stop here. O2 has launched a cheaper 1 GB mobile data plan for 3G modems. The cheapest deal in this package has the advantage of not binding you down in a contract and you can purchase the USB modem itself at a very low price. Moreover, if you sign up for O2 SIM deals lasting for 1.5 years, you can get the modem for free as well as free service for the first three months.

These additions to the O2 SIM contracts for iPhone users will help boost the sales of the iPhone in the UK. Most potential customers of iPhone would prefer to get the cell phone without a contract a use a SIM they already they already have or buy one without any contractual obligations. Purchasing O2 SIM cards allow them to do just that.

O2 Dome

Purchasing a new O2 SIM card will provide you with many benefits. For one, you do not have to sign up a contract. There is also the option of discontinuing O2 SIM contracts if you are not satisfied with the services they provide. O2 SIM cards come with the option of contracts as well if you want to buy an affordable deal for your company and its employees. With an O2 SIM card, you have the highly attractive option of keeping your own cell phone as well as your existing number. All you have to do is get your cell phone number diverted to the O2 SIM only network. This allows you to avoid the hassle of informing all your contacts about the number change, other than the cheap and comprehensive deals such as the O2 SIM simplicity.
O2 Company Background

For UK residents who are looking for a great service provider for their mobile phones and services, O2 is one of the top companies to consider. The O2 Company Background began in 2001, when the merger took place from British Telecom services, where the company branched out and began its own services for customers. It began servicing both business customers as well as mobile customers, so whether you are looking for mobile devices and plans, or whether you are looking for broadband services, customers are going to be able to turn to O2 for the many great services being offered. As of 2007, the company had over 40 million mobile customers, with about 18.4 million of these customers being O2 UK customers.

The O2 Company Background also includes services which branched out all over Europe, not only the UK. So, customers are going to be able to call others in Ireland, Germany, Czech, and Slovenia, in addition to the services being offered to customers in the UK. O2 UK is actually a part of Telefonica O2 Europe, which is made up of integrated fixed and mobile businesses around Europe, providing great mobile and business services, to all customers who are looking for these different service offerings. O2 UK has also established Tesco Mobile in a joint venture, and Tchibo Mobilefun, in order to branch out, and to be able to provide services for more UK customers, and those who are looking for great services, for reasonable pricing. In addition to this, customers are going to find that they can call numbers around Europe, not only the UK, depending on the service plan that they decide to sign up for, and the price of their monthly services. With a number of great plan options and contract options, there is something for every customer to choose from.

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Some of the many services that have been offered with the currently includes:

O2 Coffee Shop

  • Business services for broadband wireless services.
  • Mobile services for customers who want to talk, text, and use data plans on their mobile devices, while they are on the go.
  • Media messaging services.
  • Different plans which include great speeds and service options allowing for gaming on the go
  • HSPDA, 3G, and WLAN service offerings.
  • 4G Data

This covers both the mobile customers, as well as those landline business customers, meaning that no matter what service offerings UK customers are after, they are going to find a number of plans to choose from with O2 UK, for varying prices.

O2 4G

Today, the company is still one of the leaders in the mobile industry, and still does work for business customers as well. Although the main focus is on mobile devices and mobile customers, it is possible for business customers to find great rates on their business broadband, phone services, and other product lines they might need for their business. So, whether you are after business or on the go mobile services and plans, all customers are going to find something to choose from when they do choose to go with O2 UK for their phone services.

With the addition of the Tchibo and Tesco Mobile, customers are not only going to get the great services, call clarity, and many great service options they are after, but they can also be rest assured they will get the best call quality in the UK. Additionally, with services being provided around Europe, not only the UK, many customers are going to choose to go with a full array of service, for lower pricing, when the time comes for them to decide on their mobile plan of choice. This gives a wider product range for customers to choose from, and more of a pricing disparity for them to decide on when they are trying to find the best mobile plan in the UK.

With so many companies to choose from, various great mobile plans and devices, and a number of pricing points for customers to choose from, it is best to go with a reliable company, and one that services a larger customer area. With O2 UK, this is exactly what customers are going to receive for mobile or business services, all for the most affordable pricing that can be found.

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  • Chasity Whitfield  21, December 2013 at 9:08 am

    With an O2 UK International SIM in your mobile, there are no connection charges or expiring minutes.

  • David Turnbull  23, December 2013 at 5:41 pm

    I’m currently an O2 customer and I must say their signal strength is very compares to other network providers. That’s something that should have been pointed out.

    • Sham Ahmed  29, December 2013 at 11:41 pm

      You mean “very good?” I agree! I’ve been an O2 customer as well as some of the other network providers and I think O2’s signal strength is pretty good.

  • Cheryl Smith  28, December 2013 at 12:03 am

    O2 was also the first network to come up with that type of offer with their Simplicity tariffs during the credit crunch and everybody else just saw a market and jumped on the bandwaggen for more sales and customers. It’s not however a bad thing because the more networks there are the more competitive the prices and offers so it’s good for consumers.

  • Sharon Azam  28, December 2013 at 12:07 am

    I’ve been with O2 for many years and I think they have the best service. EE are terrible.

  • Sandra Smith  31, December 2013 at 11:32 pm

    I’m new to O2 and i totally agree that their signal strength is so much better than some the other network providers. I use to have a lot of problems making calls, talking to people and the line use to get cut off. I even changed my phone many times, thinking it was the phone. Until i joined O2 I haven’t had any problems what so ever.

  • Lacey Walker  2, January 2014 at 5:14 pm

    I’m looking to switch to SIM only because i don’t want to be on a long term contract. SIM only contract would allow me to give the freedom on changing to other packages if I’m not happy with my current deal. Thanks for the detailed information ‘Sim Only Expert’. Sounds like O2 are known to have the best signal strength and best services.

  • Melissa Smith  6, January 2014 at 4:27 pm

    I’ve always been with O2 and think they are the best. My friend wants know more about the SIM only contracts with O2. Thanks for the detailed articles, i can now direct her to this site for more information.

  • Adam Stevens  6, January 2014 at 4:45 pm

    O2 has always been a popular SIM only provider and with the new 4g plan phones coming out on contracts I felt 02 was falling behind. After reading this article and learning that O2 are now providing 4g data pleased me and I can upgrade my SIM only deal and keep it on my 4g phone. Thanks for the explanation.

  • Luke Taylor  9, January 2014 at 4:45 pm

    Great explanation, O2 has always been on top of my list, their services, benefits and offers are always great. Now having SIM only contract is like the icing on the cake!

  • Kelly Kipling  11, January 2014 at 5:02 pm

    I agree that O2 has the best signal strength. I use to have a lot of problems before, since I switched over to O2 I haven’t had to complain about it anymore. I’m even happier having a SIM only contract, having my costs down. What more could I ask for!