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Full list of SIM-Only price plans currently offered by the top mobile network providers in the United Kingdom.

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Editors Choice: Best SIM Card Only mobile contract award winners listed here in various categories.

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Cheap SIM contracts from all UK mobile service operators. Deals listed are below £15.00 per month.

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O2 SIM-Only
[team_content] Also branded as Simplicity, O2 were they first network to introduce this type of contract during the times of credit crisis when virtually all consumers were looking to save money of their mobile phone bills. O2 Still remains to be one of the most popular providers of SIM Card Only tariffs. Suitable for all types of mobile phones.
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Vodafone SIM-Only
[team_content] Vodafone offer choices from up to 39 different price plans suitable for personal use and businesses as well as all types of smartphones and handsets. Their prices range from £7.50 per month to £39.00 per month giving you great flexibility to pick an agreement suited to your monthly usage behaviour and needs.
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T-Mobile SIM-Only
[team_content] T-Mobile were one of the most popular providers, however they are now referring new 4G customers to their sister company EE. T-Mobile do however still offer a good range of plans on 3G and still remain a favourite for many customers on the 3G network. All of their monthly price plans are also suitable for all types of smartphones and mobile phones.
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As the name suggests, with SIM-only mobile phone deals you are only provided with a SIM card and not a mobile phone handset. Mobile network providers therefore save money from this and are able to pass the savings directly on to you (the customer) by offering cheaper low cost contracts with more cross network talktime minutes, text messages and monthly data usage allowance.You will therefore need to have your own mobile phone handset or will need to purchase a phone separately (if you don’t have one). The contract length with SIM price plans vary from 1 month to 12 months, with the 12 months SIM card tariffs offering better deals. The 1 month (often referred to as 30 day SIM card only) however work out to be better deals in comparison to standard long term mobile phone contracts.If you already have a handset locked to a particular network operator, we recommend that you either get the phone unlocked or you choose a SIM contract provided by the network that your handset is locked to. Once you have placed your order the mobile networks tend to have your new SIM delivered to you the next day (depending on the time of day you place your order).

Mobile Network Providers

Vodafone SIM-Only

Vodafone also offers many attractive packages to its customers with regard to talk time and text messages. Vodafone SIM card deals have a variety of tariffs for customers to choose from. Each of these tariffs come at affordable prices and provides a great value for the money you spent in purchasing your Vodafone SIM-Only deal. Vodafone SIM internet is also often a part of these packages. Vodafone SIM-Only plans offer attractive rates even when it comes to international calls and text messages. You can your friends and family living abroad at much lower rates than would be characteristic of alternative mobile phone networks. This Vodafone SIM-Only contract deal is known as Vodafone international. Another Vodafone SIM-Only plan called the Vodafone family allows you to add your family and friends to a limited and exclusive group and call them at even lower rates than the average rates for Vodafone SIM deals. Moreover, users of Vodafone SIM plans can call their family and friends at any time of the day, with the same attractive tariffs applicable irrespective of the time. Now you do not have to wait for the night to call your loved ones.

T-Mobile SIM-Only

One of the best T-mobile SIM deals currently provides you with 600 minutes of talk time and 500 text messages along with the freedom of choosing your preferred Flexible Booster. The option of selecting a brand new flexible booster T-Mobile also carries with it attractive packages which cover text messaging, the internet and foreign calling.

O2 Simplicity

O2 SIM cards are offering cheap deals for iPhone, even cheaper than those offered by Vodafone. O2 simplicity has recently encountered Vodafone’s SIM-Only plan with one of its own, targeted towards iPhone users. The monthly O2 simplicity for iPhone offers a one year contract at a very low rate as well as shorter and much more economical contracts for existing iPhone users. This means that users of iPhone do not have to give up on the peculiar features of their phone to sign up for O2 SIM contracts. The O2 simplicity tariff encompasses free talk time, unlimited data, text messages to any other network in the UK, as well as Wi-Fi. These options can be taken according to your needs and affordability as they come with various price ranges. For every additional 5 pounds paid, you get an incremental 300 minutes, and there is an O2 simplicity contract that offers unlimited domestic voice calls. The regular rates for subsidized iPhones are much higher and offer only 100 minutes of talk time per month.

Orange SIM-Only

With Orange SIM-Only deals, users have access to one of the cheapest mobile phone service providers in their vicinity. In the United Kingdom, the traditional practices were such that when you purchased a new mobile phone handset, you automatically got yourself bound into a contract for a cellular phone network. You were usually given very limited choices to choose a network from. However, these deals also offered the chance to win brand new mobile phone handsets and many other exciting prizes after continuous use of the service over a one year period or longer. Now you have a much cheaper deal available in the form of an Orange SIM-Only contract deals. You do not have to spend so much money on purchasing a new handset in order to get your desired network connection.

Three SIM-Only

The 3 SIM-Only deals offer great minutes of talk time and a great unlimited text messages. Three mobile SIM-Only has the largest 3G network in the UK. Moreover, if you purchase three SIM-Only contracts, you can enjoy free Skype to Skype calls, as well as instant messaging from SIM cards bought from three mobile. There are a number of 3 SIM-Only deals, and you can choose the one that suits you the best. Each deal has its own advantages and offers the same degree of affordability to all customers.

We compare a range of iPhone SIM-Only deals from all major UK mobile phone network providers. This includes Micro-SIM cards for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s as well as the standard size SIM cards for iPhone 3 and iPhone 3Gs.

Handset and Device

iPhone SIM-Only

Not only does SIM-Only allow you to stick to your existing iPhone, it also has incredible offers for particular brands of mobile phones such as the iPhone, Blackberry, Smartphone, iPad, etc. Amongst these, the iPhone SIM-Only deals have managed to capture the most attention. iPhone SIM contracts are available under orange SIM-Only, Vodafone SIM-Only, O2 SIM-Only as well as three mobile SIM-Only. Moreover, the iPhone SIM-Only deals are applicable to all brands and versions of the iPhone. Most recently, a number of new iPhone SIM-Only contract deals have been introduced for the iPhone 5. The best thing about iPhone 4 SIM-Only is that it is independent from all other mobile phone networks, which implies that customers have the choice of a variety of offers. Moreover, because of the independence of the iPhone 5 SIM-Only, when you visit a franchise to purchase an iPhone handset, you will be offered only the best iPhone SIM-Only deals in the market. Free text messages, free minutes of talk time, and of course free internet access allowance are take into account when deciding the best deal to offer to a customer.

BlackBerry SIM-Only

The tariff plans offered by SIM-Only extend to specific brands of mobile phones like Blackberry, iPhone, Nokia, Samsung, etc. the best part of the deal is that you get to keep your existing mobile phone handset. For instance, if you possess an iPhone and do not wish to lose out on its features when you purchase a new network connection, you do not have to do so at all. BlackBerry SIM-Only allows you to retain your current BlackBerry phone while enjoying the many other benefits of SIM-Only, which encompass free text messages, talk time minutes and data storage allowance.

iPad SIM-Only

The best iPad SIM-Only plans are now available from all networks including O2, Vodafone, Orange and Three mobile. All you have to do is compare the best iPad SIM-Only deals and select the one that allows you to enjoy your iPad or iPad 2 features to the fullest. There are currently several iPad SIM-Only contracts and choosing the right one largely depends on your usage level. If you use your iPad on a daily basis for Internet access, from checking your email to watching videos on YouTube, a 5 GB iPad SIM-Only contract suits you the best. On the other hand, if you use your iPad to browse the internet for a very short period of time every day, a much cheaper 1 GB iPad SIM-Only contract would be a better choice.

Mobile Broadband SIM-Only

In the United Kingdom, 3 mobile only and T-mobile only are almost exclusively preferred for reliable mobile broadband deals. Under deals, users can take complete advantage of free and even unlimited internet services. Mobile broadband SIM-Only deals allow a massive amount of data downloading up to 10 GB for free, on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Through the deals offered by mobile broadband SIM-Only, users can access the internet anywhere and at any time at very affordable rates.

Jargon Buster

A SIM tiny micro-chip needed to activate GSM phones to work with your network operator to use their services. SIM is short for subscriber identity module or subscriber identification module.
SIM Card
A SIM micro-chip more commonly referred to as a SIM Card because the micro-chip itself is attached to a very small plastic card to make it insertable and removable between different mobile phone handsets.
SIM-Only deals (sometimes referred to as ’30 day contracts’ or ‘SIMO deals’) are mobile phone contracts that you will take up with the network operator whereby only a SIM Card is provided and not a mobile phone handset. The idea is that you use the SIM Card with your existing handset. The length of contract is usually a lot shorter – starting from 1 month minimum term.
30 Day Contract
This is simply a contract that will last for a duration of 30 days. In the mobile phone world, it is commonly referred to as SIM-Only deals.
Rolling Contract
This is simply a contract that gets extended or rolls over automatically unless a notice of cancellation is provided by you (the customer).
30 Day Rolling Contract
With both combined, the correct definition of a 30 day rolling contract is that the contract that you have signed up ends after 30 days, however after 30 days the contract will automatically roll over to the next month.
Monthly Allowance
The amount of talk time minutes, SMS messages or 3G/4G data you can use per month as part of your contract without paying extra is referred to as monthly usage allowance.
PIN is short for Personal Identification Number. Your SIM Card allows you to set a PIN so it cannot be accessed by somebody else without your authorisation.
PUK Code
PUK (PIN Unlock Key), also spelt as PUC (PIN Unlock Code) is a set of randomly generated numbers by the mobile network operator, which is unique to your SIM Card. If your phone is ever blocked due to you (or somebody else) entering your PIN incorrectly multiple times, a PUK Code can be obtained from your operator to unlock it again.